To be healthy, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice good food. Which is why Barebells are reinventing these american classics; turning them into functional foods but never compromising on flavor.Barebells Hazelnut Cream

We are firm believers that Barebells can make delicious snacks healthy. When others add artificial flavor to protein products, Barebells instead focus on improving the nutrients of already delicious snacks, giving you what you already love, but with fewer carbs and more protein.

Barebells products are for the health conscious food-lover on-the-go, because at the end of the day, what are those gym hours worth if you can’t allow yourself to indulge every now and then?

These foods add a clinically proven health benefit. Foods, loved for generations, repackaged and reformulated to prevent, manage, and/or treat the health crises of the modern age. The difference between our products and everyone else’s? We also know that boredom with “fitness” food creates a psychological health crisis. So love what you eat… eat happy.

“Functional foods should be tasty. Tasty food should be functional.”
– Somebody wise probably

“I hope there’s pudding”
-Luna Lovegood The Order of the Phoenix

“I don’t really care how food tastes.”
– No one. Ever.

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  • En syndigt god hasselnötskräm med protein: lika delikat på mackan som direkt ur burken.
    från 37,00 SEK
  • Hela 24 gram protein i form av en drömlik laktosfri milkshake.
    25,00 SEK
  • 12-pack med mix av alla 5 smaker
    209,00 SEK
    (Ord. Pris: 259,00 SEK)
  • Chokladdragerade krispiga proteinkulor, 20 gram protein per påse.
    från 31,00 SEK
  • Sveriges mest sålda protein bar
    209,00 SEK
    (Ord. Pris: 259,00 SEK)