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  • Stimulates muscles and nervous system to work at their full capacity
  • Ensures incredible muscle pump
  • Improves the buffering capacity
  • Supports concentration

BAD ASS® PRE is a product developed for the hard-training athletes – just like you, for whom the average workout makes no sense. With BAD ASS® PRE you will go all out your training, taking more from each rep than ever before! By developing BAD ASS® PRE, we wanted to produce something which could allow you to maximize motor features, focus and concentration during a workout. With us you will have no trouble in adapting to even most hardcore workouts and you will always be able to give your best.

BAD ASS® PRE contains proven and tested active substances, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts which through their synergistic action will change you into an unstoppable machine. Do you want to become a true BAD ASS? Without BAD ASS® PRE you will be left behind, can you afford it?

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