BioTechUSA has been on the market since 1999 offering high quality food supplements, among them a wide range of protein powders, pre-workout formulas, products related to stamina building, dietary products and over 40 vitamin products with a high content of active ingredients. Our company now has a product variation consisting of over 600 products that we are continuously improving through development and innovation based on consumer feedback. We make sure that our product portfolio includes gluten- and lactose-free products, and we offer an alternative for vegans as well. BioTechUSA produces and distributes Iso Whey Zero, one of the best and most popular protein products in Europe.

Our over 500 employees and 130 franchise stores – in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary – and a distribution network that covers about 70 countries make BioTechUSA one of the largest and most dynamically growing dietary supplement manufacturers for sports purpose.


In order to ensure a high quality service and products all the members on BiotechUSA’s team participate in centrally organized training programs each with a qualifying exam in the field of nutrition, food supplements for sports purpose and sports sciences. In our network of stores we employ specialist consultants who provide you with complex advice as a free service for your purchase so that all our customers would receive a personally tailored service and you could purchase the food supplement that is the most adequate for your age, gender, health condition and purpose.

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  • Bcaa tabletter a 1gram/tablett berikad med B6 för förbättrat upptag.
    349,00 SEK
  • Biotech USA BCAA 3D består av aminosyrorna leucine, isoleucine & valine i en ratio av 2:1:1 i kapselform
    149,00 SEK
  • Steviasötad 2:11 BCAA. Glutenfri, laktosfri och sockerfri.
    199,00 SEK
    (Ord. Pris: 249,00 SEK)
  • 30st portionspåsar Multivitamin & Multimineral tablet Calcium–Magnesium capsule Q10 Coenzyme softgel capsule Grape...
    299,00 SEK
  • Högfiltrerat och laktosfritt vassleprotein isolat från BioTech, som inte innehåller några transfettsyror eller tillsa...
    240,00 SEK
    (Ord. Pris: 299,00 SEK)
  • Högfiltrerat och laktosfritt vassleprotein isolat från BioTech, som inte innehåller några transfettsyror eller tillsa...
    549,00 SEK
    (Ord. Pris: 649,00 SEK)
  • Boosta din solbränna!
    99,00 SEK
  • 49,00 SEK
  • 49,00 SEK
  • 49,00 SEK
  • 49,00 SEK
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  • Använder du BioTechUSA AAKG 1000 i kombination med intensiv träning känner du snabbt effekterna av ökad pump.
    139,00 SEK
  • Används för att upprätthålla prestationsförmågan långfristigt under långvarig uthållighetsträning, samt för att öka v...
    99,00 SEK