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We deliver a wide range of products made for heavy workouts in the gym as well as gear to wear in your life outside the gym. GASP products are always made with No compromises and treated by hand, to give it a unique and individual look. We make a big deal out of details, getting the right fit and to only offer first class quality – Therefore you can be sure to always get a product loaded with the GASP attitude!

GASP products are not made for everybody at the gym – It’s only for the most dedicated athletes!

Our development team is proud to work with the best athletes in the world and we cater only for people that have a true love for the iron sport and belong to the core.
Be assured that we welcome those of you that got what it takes to be among the best athletes in the world and once inside the GASP family you will most likely see and feel what GASP is truly about and others before have been saying. GASP pledge to continue to be the innovative force behind the best gym wear brand available with No compromises.

is our home on the web and constant updates are there to make this your no1 stop to get the latest info about GASP, its products and more.

Today you can find our brands – Better Bodies and GASP – in over 40 countries worldwide. Swedish Fitness is primarily expanding its business together with our already established and valued resellers but we also seek new members to add to the growing list of GASP/Better Bodies resellers. We live by our words and you’ll find us hitting the iron before we ship our GASP/Better Bodies gear all over the world.

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