Get Raw

A bite of raw chocolate cake made me realize that it’s possible to make something indulgent that we can also feel good about. Junk food might satisfy an impulse, but it won’t give you much in terms of nutrients, energy or satisfaction. Sick of snacks that are full of junk and calories with no nutrients resulting in sugar spikes, overeating and food addiction, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: Change the snack rack forever and challenge the industry to stop selling people shit that harms them.

My mission is made possible by having the best partner in crime, my mom. All of our recipes are developed from scratch in my kitchen, taste tested and approved by her (of course she knows best). So, join us in creating a junk-free future and dig in.


Count nutrients, not calories. We believe in eating real food that’s minimally processed. And more of it. Keep it simple and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, walk on by.

Ditch strict diets! Eating well is not about prohibition or food anxiety. Think addition, not restriction. Instead of removing things, focus on adding good, healthy stuff.

Treat yourself and enjoy what you eat. Enjoyment is an important part of health, and life is too short not to indulge. Go on, dig in.

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