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About The Company IronMind

IronMind was founded in 1988, with the philosophy of “Stronger Minds, Stronger Bodies™” and a focus on providing “Tools of the Trade for Serious Strength Athletes™.” Much has changed within our company, our markets, and the larger world since then, but IronMind’s emphasis and our pursuit of excellence stand firm.

When we say that IronMind products are built for the strongest men in the world, it’s true, because the strongest men in the world use IronMind products. And because we are immersed in the strength world, our products not only really work, but they also perform as advertised.

Testing of IronMind products is based on how they will be used and if we say something holds 1,500 pounds, for example, we didn’t just pull this figure from a random number table or from a competitor’s ad—it is based on an actual test. And even though we sell equipment, our goal is to try to help our customers get more out of less, rather than to encourage needless consumption.

We favor simple designs over needless complexity, believing that less is more. We also build our products with an eye to the long haul. Our “Tools of the Trade for Serious Strength Athletes™” are tailor-made for those who train with discipline, passion, and commitment.

IronMind products are made in the United States of America and our designs, along with our choice of materials, construction, and assembly techniques, give IronMind products the edge when top performance is required.

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