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Product appearance constitutes one of the major arguments taken into account when making purchase decisions. It is also a fact that conscious consumers are more likely to buy products of renowned companies which are widely recognised, reputed and recommended by authorities in a given field.

What is more, their choices often result from personal experience. Since 1991, Olimp Sport Nutrition have been setting trends, not only by creating modern and effective products but also by offering the highest quality package and excellent design. This is how the products which consumers worldwide buy with their hearts, eyes and minds have changed over the years.


OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION - more than supplements

Over 20 years of experience in the production of nutrients, the top specialists working at our company and the leading world experts in the area of sport nutrition with whom we cooperate on a regular basis and the products themselves, put us at the top of the most innovative companies implementing the state of the art and most effective solutions in sport nutrition.
Over 20 years of market presence and the largest percentage share in sales in the sport nutrition segment demonstrates our long held unshaken position in the domestic market. At the same time the popularity of our products is increasing all over the world. The factors differentiating us from other companies involved usually in the packaging of nutrition products are the practice and vast experience in the development, implementation and production of our own innovative formulas based exclusively on the highest quality, verified, tested and safe ingredients. In addition, we are the only company with such a modern research and production infrastructure, which employs only a highly qualified team of specialists. However, the most important factor is the passion with which we approach our work - the creation of modern solutions in sport nutrition.

OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION brand includes over 2000 top quality products, which:

  • are created according to the highest global production standards,
  • are subject to continuous laboratory control,
  • are created with passion with the support of state of the art technologies,
  • are created exclusively from the best raw materials,
  • are based on modern innovative ingredients,
  • their effectiveness is 100% guaranteed,
  • are completely safe to health,
  • meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers,

OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION products are successfully used by millions of sportsmen and physically active people in Europe.


Finally, we are one of the few companies in the world that produce supplements and nutrients for sportsmen in accordance with GMP standard requirements and have management quality systems practically implemented and certified: HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) checking conformity with the DS.3027 E:1997 standard and ISO- 9001-2001; ISO 22000:2006 (HACCP requirements included).

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