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Proteinfabrikken AS (PF®) is a leading Scandinavian supplier of sports nutrition and dietary supplements. Our main seat is in Norway.

Since 2001, through our online shopping and reseller solutions, we have delivered a wide range of products to people who live an active lifestyle. We deliver a rich and quality assured range at competitive prices, our motto is Better Performance ™.

Proteinfabrikken uncompromising quality and understanding of our customer’s need for safe and efficient products, has resulted in 15 years of impeccable operation that shows we are best at what we do. Our products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory plant, in addition we cooperate closely with HFL Science for testing selected products for content of illegal substances.

ISO 9001 is the core of our strong quality control. Nothing happens without it. After 15 years of manufacturing our product in house we decided to partner up with the amazing Norwegian company Faun Pharma. They have supported us for years on special developments and RND. In 2016 Proteinfabrikken teamed up with Faun Pharma for a total merge of manufacturing volumes. The new strategy was set to supplying international customers with unique products Made In Norway.

Benefits of ISO 9001 in Manufacturing

Conforming to the ISO 9001 standard has many benefits to our manufacturing process. ISO 9001 helps inspire us to find more effective ways to permanently resolve quality and other cost-related challenges while at the same time be encouraged to find creative ways to exceed customer requirements. This standard helps us identify, document, and improve our systems that address both written and “implied” requirements from our customers such as:

  • Safety standards
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing
  • Expected production efficiencies
  • Dimensional and functional specifications


ISO is an international body and as a result, it’s standards helps us ensure that our products are manufactured in a way that promotes collaboration. This improves both our national and international trade, while reducing costs to all parties we believe.

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