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Som nämnet säger välkomnar detta unga drivna företag det veganska sortimentet och primärt veganskt proteinpulver. Efterfrågan på veganska kosttillskott ökar ständigt och VeganHey har därför tagit tilvara på efterfrågan och erbjuder vegsnkt proteinpulver i världsklass.

''VeganHey is a Swedish lifestyle brand with a culture of progression and absolute integrity. Influenced by urban life, inspired by artistic freedom - VeganHey creates exclusively vegan products for ppl in motion.

VeganHey was founded in 2017, by two vegans who wanted to prove that ppl didn’t need to compromise to live a vegan life – that a vegan lifestyle can be better, richer and way more cool than consuming m*lk, b*tter, che*ze & me*t. The founders quickly saw the need for a brand built on progressive ideas, up-to-date design & products that were actually made for a youthful life in the 2020s. VeganHey was born with a definite mission to bring veganism forward and, beyond.

VeganHey believes the faster the world stops consuming animal products and moves towards a 0k-future, the better. Each product made by VeganHey is an extension of the ambition to shape a better tomorrow. It’s not an energy bar nor a vegan protein – it’s a lifestyle in your hand''

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