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Köp pullupgrips från victory grips i Sverige hos atletbutiken. Vi har äntligen fått in pull up grips från Victory Grips för crossfit och gymnastik övningar i både läder och syntetiskt stealth material. Pull Up Grips från Victory Grips är världsledande på crossfitmarknaden. Utövar du crossfit är Victory Grips ett måste för att skydda dina händer. Dessa grips är utformade för att även ge ett skydd för falsegrip och det gör dessa pull up grips unika på marknaden för crossfit och gymnastic övningar. Vi vågar säga att dessa grips är de bästa pull up grips sverige.


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For men:


For Women:


Ge oss gärna en reviewVictory Grips och ge oss ditt omdöme.

Victory Grips are the result of intensive research of understanding the needs and behaviors of functional fitness athletes of all levels. Through collaboration with athletes and tested in high volume training and competition we have come up with a design that is so innovative in its details that we have a patented status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The focus of the design is centered on performance, protection, and durability. We have also added the ability for you to customize the grips through color and pattern templates to make them your own. Additionally, we are the only functional fitness grip company that manufactures designs specifically for men and women. Although men and women may have the same size hand dependent on an individual’s height, a women’s hand is narrower. Therefore, we try to ensure the best fit for every individual.

Our goal at Victory Grips is to make the best performing hand gear on the market. We consider this goal aspirational and; therefore, we are constantly working to perfect our performance just like you. Victory Grips encourages and welcomes your input on our designs. Just like training partners, we are there to push each other to reach our full potential.

Victory Grips is the result of an ongoing collaboration with athletes of all levels. To understand the capability of the grips is to understand the details of the patented design. (Patent # US9643073)  

Victory Grips läder

Victory Grips Läder

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